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Software Intelligence

One of the key drivers to the success of any business is the strength of its IT team. A well-rounded, highly competent IT...

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It's natural to wonder if you should bring in an outside technical consultant. Many managers worry that by adding an outside...

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As online technology continues to advance and become more sophisticated, the pressure for businesses to adapt and keep pace is...

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Digital disruption is not a one-off event or short-term challenge. Instead, it's a fact of life that executives have to...

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Technology has changed the course of every industry. It streamlines processes in manufacturing. It analyzes aggregate data for...

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DevOps has proven to be an effective model for software development, but does it go far enough? It often leaves security as an...

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You work in IT. Everyone knows you're good with computers; Mom and Dad call you first any time they have a question, and your...

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Blockchain was introduced by the enigmatic individual or group calling itself Satoshi Nakamoto to implement the now famous...

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Come see us at Booth #208

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By IN-COM On May 20, 2015

Got Sloppy Code?

Bad code could have been created by hasty programmers, or it may have been inherited. Learn how to reduce bad code and the...

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