COBOL: Overcoming the Challenges (pt 3)


There is no doubt IT departments face a multitude of challenges when it comes to working with COBOL programs. Tackling each problem as it arises drains valuable resources; what IT teams need is a single solution that helps resolve multiple challenges at once.

SMART TS XL is a software suite that offers solutions for many of the problems that face IT teams. The table below shows a few of the solutions for COBOL that SMART TS XL offers to help programmers and analysts overcome the challenges listed in our previous blogs.


Requirement SMART TS XL Solution
Fully analyze programs and clearly identify key objectives before starting any project. Locate snippets of code, see upstream and downstream interactions, track COBOL fields and program flow, etc. among other things.
Identify potential impact that a change would cause to downstream programs. Discover program interactions with the Impact Analysis tool to be better prepared to make changes and understand what the potential impact may be.
Metrics regarding program complexity, predicted errors, and other important factors. Estimate time frames and difficulty levels with the Complexity Analysis tool, using industry standard measures, so IT managers can assign tasks accordingly.
Perform system analysis and identify programs and other modules that are not being used. Find dead, unused programs and copybooks with the help of the Suspected Orphans report.
An off-the-mainframe tool that allows you to complete analysis and research faster. Build simple queries or powerful complex searches (using Boolean, proximity, etc.) to pin-point data. Offload search and analysis from the mainframe.
Encourage knowledge exchange between new employees and existing SMEs, and provide both with an accessible code review tool. Bridge new programmers to old systems with SMART TS XL. It requires very little training thereby allowing users to become SMEs much faster.
Shave hours off search and analysis with search utilities that quickly return presentable results. Improve productivity and slash elapsed time with lightning fast performance. Searches take seconds irrespective of the number of lines of code and results are obtained in presentable form.
Generate results that are relevant and easily navigable. Follow search results with customizable color-coding and hyperlinking. Also, narrow down results by using wildcards, Boolean, & proximity searching.
Transfer results to standard formats. Export or save results and diagrams in standard formats - Word, Excel, HTML, PDF, JPG, XML or TXT.
Modest installation and requirements that don't drain resources. Save MIPS by working off the mainframe and requires no full-time product administrators.

If you're interested in learning how our technology can help you overcome the challenges COBOL throws at you, please contact us for a demo customized for your challenges.


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